Chemical Design was started in 2003 by Stuart Perry.
Since then it has created designs and illustrations for national and international companies across the globe.

Stuart Perry



Freelance designer, photographer and illustrator. London and Los Angeles.


Leisure Solutions of York, designer on Hartlepool Historic Quay project.


Designer for Kall Kwik printing in York.


Reprographics designer for Omni Digital in Shrewsbury.


Design manager at British Ceramic Tile, Newton Abbot, Devon.


Graphic designer,Pure Design in Shrewsbury.


Set up Chemical Design in Ulverston, Cumbria.


Chemical Design moves to Kendal in Cumbria.

Who is Stuart Perry?

After studying chemistry at university I decided a life in a lab coat was not for me. I have always enjoyed being creative so started to work as a free-lance designer in 1990. I earned a crust for the following three years as free-lance illustrator, photographer and a designer.

In 1993 I worked for Leisure Solutions of York  designing The Hartlepool Historic Quay project. This involved design of the exhibition galleries, interactive and static exhibits, display cases, room sets, voice overs and the commissioning of artifacts and models. It was great fun and gave me a wealth of experience in designing for the heritage industry.

then spent the next few years working for Kall Kwik printers in York and Omni a reprographics company in Shrewsbury gaining valuable experience and knowledge of print and pre-press techniques. It was my job to make the designers ideas become a reality on paper and to create images that only existed as thumbnail sketches.

Then in 1998 I moved to Devon to set up the design studio for British Ceramic Tile a new company that was at the forefront of ceramic tile manufacturing. While at BCT as well as designing tiles, packaging and brochures, I used a new rotary printing system for tiles, developing it further utilising my knowledge of photoshop to improve on the pre press image creation. I also got to play with a very powerful laser cutting tool.

I moved back to Shrewsbury in 2000 to join Pure, an advertising agency that designed work for Jaguar, Bentley, Land Rover, Virgin to name but four. Here I was mainly involved in the creation of photo montages, photo-retouching and the preparartion of images for Pure’s advertising campaigns. I was aslo resposible for any web design using dreamweaver and flash to create websites and promotional interactive CDs.

Then in 2003 I moved to Cumbria and made the jump to becoming a free-lance designer once more. Chemical Design was started in my in-law’s attic producing work for agencies based in Shrewsbury as well as gaining new clients locally and across the country.

Outside of work

I’m a keen archer shooting a beautiful yew longbow (my pride and joy), making my own arrows and learning to make my own bows. I also enjoy photography and visiting historic sites such as castles and abbeys with my family.

As a family we also take part in medieval reenactment with a small group of enthusiasts call the York City Levy. Here I get to combine my interests of medieval history, archery and stone carving while staying at beautiful locations across the country. Please don’t let this photo put you off, I only wear my medieval clothes at events!