Getting it down on paper

Design for print can be as simple as a flyer or as complicated as a brochure or guide book. Clean attractive design can help to get your message across quickly or represent large amounts of information in a way that is easily accessible by the end user.

Over the years Chemical has built up good relationships with several specialist printers and finishers. This means that we can supply not only print ready artwork but also finished print and arrange delivery. So if you need something putting down on paper please get in touch.

Interpack News

Sandvik Interpack Newsletter – produced with Virco Design

National Trust What's On Leaflet

Amazing things to do  leaflet and map – National Trust

Some more examples

Higginsons Christmas Brochure

Higginsons Christmas Brochure

Fellowship Resource Pack

Music Resource Book

Slingco Brochure

Slingco Oil sand Gas Brochure – produced with Virco Design

Beatrix Potter Awards booklet

Beatrix Potter Awards booklet