From walks covering large out door areas, to paths in the grounds of a country house or the floor plan of a building, it’s always good to know where you are going. Starting with Google earth, OS maps or just a sketch on a piece of A4, Chemical can produce tailored orientation material for your guide books, panels and websites.

These maps can be produced in a variety of styles using both traditional and digital media. Layered information and bespoke icons mean that they are fully editable and in line with branding requirements. So if you need a map or a plan to help you  find your way around please get in touch.

Low Wray Campsite Map

Campsite map for the National Trust

Wray Castle walks

Walks map for Wray Castle Cumbria

Some more examples

OS style map

OS style map of Wasdale to Scafell Pike


Map of Derwentwater shoreline

Fell Foot map

Property map for Fell Foot, National Trust, Cumbria

Waterclose Meadows back

Waterclose Meadow campsite, Huntingdon

Matson Ground orientation

Orientation panel for Matson Estates, Cumbria