Brand – new look

Chemical Design specialises sharp graphics, clean typography and complementary colour palettes that come together to form a powerful branding tool for promoting your business. If required a complete branding document for the use of your design can be provided safe guarding the consistency of future work.

A successful brand is instantly recognisable yet distinct from its competitors. It encompasses the spirit, aspirations and ethics of a company, doing this clearly and concisely, while presenting the client’s ideas and key values to the target audience. So if you need a shiny new corporate identity or just a tweak to your existing brand please drop me a line.

Bee Beautiful Logo

Bee Beautiful Logo

Bee Beautiful Branding Document

Spread from Bee Beautiful’s branding document

More examples

Wood from the trees

Wood from the Trees logo

Ulverston Choral Society

Ulverston Choral Society logo

Derwentwater Foreshore Project

Derwentwater Foreshore Project logo

Ashberry Home Management

Ashberry Home Management Logo